Safety Measures in Place @ Brook Lane Hotel

Covid-19 Policy


Caring for our guests and team members has always been central to our philosophy, and has been instilled in our Core Values for generations. However, the recent Covid-19 Pandemic has brought this to a new level, and afforded us the opportunity to re-examine all of our work practices.

While we are closely monitoring advice and directives from the Irish Government, HSE and WHO (World Health Organisation), we wanted to take a moment to share some of the many actions we are taking around the hotel, to enhance the safety of your visit to us.


We are constantly monitoring communications and advice from the HSE, Irish Government, Irish Hotel Federation and WHO to ensure our team are up to date on this rapidly evolving situation. 


Since the start of this pandemic, we have made education a core principle, as we need all of our team members and guests to work together to ensure the safety of everyone. We have held training sessions with all team members, both in person, prior to shut down, and in terms of distance learning, since the shutdown. As the pandemic continues and advice changes and evolves, we will continue to communicated to all. 

Hand Hygiene

All governing bodies agree that good hand hygiene is essential to curb the spread of Covid-19, all our team have been re-trained on hand washing protocol. We have increased the frequency that we expect them to wash their hands. Additional handwashing facilities have been installed. Where handwashing is not immediately available, high alcohol hand sanitiser has been provided by all touch points. 

Social Distancing

Work practices have been re-examined and adjusted, table layouts have been altered, systems have been put in place at buffets & paystations, to ensure social distancing is known and adhered to.


We have increased the frequency of sanitation across the hotel, each member of the team has allocated duties regarding this and is aware of their responsibilities. 

Removing Touch Points 

A comprehensive review of all touch points has been conducted throughout the hotel. Where possible, unnecessary touch points have been removed, and where this is not possible, they have been assigned to a team member for regular sanitisation. 

Review & Improve Systems

Our Senior Management Team have instigated a continual review process, in relation to the steps taken to combat the spread of Covid-19, with input encouraged from guests and team members. This ensures we are constantly pushing the boundaries and being a leader within the hospitality industry. 



We Have Made Your Visit Safer


Casey’s Bar and Restaurant

Designated entrance    -    Tables further separated to maintain social distancing    -    Switched traditional menus with single use menus

Increased capacity for outdoor dining on our Terrace    -    Sneeze guard installed at till    -    Enhanced protocol for sanitisation of tables between guests


Guest Rooms

Fully sanitised room on arrival    -    Option of 'Do Not Enter' during stay    -    Pillow and mattress protectors changed between guests    -    Upholstery sanitised

Unnecessary touch points such as menus, guest directories, pens, bibles, magazines all removed and available on request    -    Rooms aired between guests


Kitchens & Food Preparation 

Both the WHO and HSE have publicly stated that there is no evidence to suggest that Covid-19 is passed on through food 

Enhanced sanitisation protocols    -    Increased handwashing    -    Installation of Perspex screens    - 


Reception & Lounges

Contactless check-in & express check-out now offered as standard –lead guest from party to check in   -    Increase limit for contactless payment    -    Magazines removed from coffee tables    -    Soft furnishings sanitised    -    


Weddings & Events

Extra hand sanitisation points provided around venue    -    Additional credit card machines provided to speed up contactless payment

Adequate space provided to ensure guests enjoy a safe environment    -    

With these safety steps in mind, why not browse our special offers and book your short break today?